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The Dominical and Uvita area in Costa Rica – together known as Costa Ballena – is undoubtedly a natural haven. An unlimited number of streams and rivers run through its hilly forest area; so the hope of finding a waterfall nearby for the possible joy of hiking and swimming is great. Exploring a waterfall is another exclusive adventure activity while going on a surf tour to Dominical & Uvita. We offer Costa Rica waterfall tours covering the most magical ones in the Dominical and southern zone for your perfect enjoyment; Nauyaca Waterfalls, La Catarata, Diamante Falls and many more!

Costa Rica Waterfall Tours for Adventurous and Subdued Ones

Our Costa Rica waterfall tours are meant for both the adventurous and subdued ones. There will be flexibility to jump into the natural holes which are required to add to your satisfaction if you are traveling with an adventurous mind, but just looking to watch or swim during the waterfall tours in Costa Rica is ok too. Your waterfall tour will begin with a comfortable transportation in the South Pacific and the rugged Osa Peninsula area. With our talented guide, you will hike to some of the most magical waterfalls, including Nauyaca waterfalls, Diamante Falls and La Catarata; each one looking better, bigger and bringing you more excitement than the earlier one in your itinerary. You can view these waterfalls from dry-land, climb up to the top or swim in the pools or cross under rather than jumping in! Your Costa Rican waterfall hike will be full of nature and wildlife as well. It is more than interesting to know what our waterfall tours in Costa Rica hold for you.                

Great Exercise and Fun in Waterfall tours of Costa Rica

Nauyaca Waterfalls tour is the favorite of many vacationers with 2 different tour options available for booking. The first one is horseback riding the waterfall inclusive of breakfast and lunch on the way. And the 2nd one is hiking to and from the waterfall for enjoying seeing the water twice along with local fruits, bottled water, etc. It is mostly a half day tour which you can book anytime and in any season.

La Catarata in Uvita has a rope swing and two small pools to jump into, getting over your fear at the same time. It is the perfect water slide to keep up your fun. The next waterfall on the list is the incredible Diamante Falls, which are a series of seven falls which combined together while cascading down to ensure an amazing view. We will cover many more interesting falls to give you an authentic Costa Rica waterfall tour experience.

To enjoy the beauty of the falls and adventure of hiking, swimming together, contact us now!

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