Repelling & Zipline

Repelling & Zipline

Nothing like flying through the jungle or repelling down a large waterfall. Also an excellent way to view the jungle and nature from above. We offer 3 completely different tours from mellow with excitement to full on adrenaline rush.

Rapelling down six different beautiful waterfalls. First waterfall is 5m or 15 ft. where you will be taught the proper techniques and fundamenatals of rapelling.  Then you have 5 more waterfalls to go the largest being 25 meters or 75 feet.  The canyon ends in the Uvita river where there are some amazing swimming holes to relax.  Comes with CD of all fotos taken during tour.

Zipline through the rainforest on 8 separate cables.  Guided hike up to the top of the canopy with lookout of the ocean than zipline down. Located on a large private reserve with lots of wildlife.  Great tour for the family!

One of the best zipline tours in Costa Rica.  The first of 11 cables is 450 meters long which is almost a half a kilometer.  Also includes 15 platforms and 3 rapelling stations.  Pure excitement and adrenaline!


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