Cabo Matapalo, Osa Peninsula

3 Right point breaks/ Matapalo, Backwash and Pan Dulce

Matapalo:  First wave to break with different rock crops.  Likes lower to mid tides best.  Gets heavy and closes out on the really big swells.  The locals favorite wave.  More advanced surfers only

Backwash:  Great wave that only works on the low tide.  Handles pretty big swell and holds good size.  Gets crowded easier here.  Remember when we say crowded were talking only 10-15 people. When low tide is sunrise don’t sleep in as your best chance for scoring with only a couple people.  Intermediate to advanced Surfers

Pan Dulce:  Sweet Bread.  Only breaks on the biggest swells.  Longest wave and more true point break.  Breaks on all tides but most people like to surf the higher tide.  On the biggest swell catch rides all the way thru the bay.  Best place for intermediate surfers

One of the most natural parts of Costa Rica located on the very tip of the Osa Peninsula.  Tons of wildlife!  You will see more animals here than any place in the country.  This place is simply amazing.  The real Costa Rica, Jungle Life at it’s best.

3 0r 4 day surf trips/  Please write us for updated information and pricing

Camping, Cabinas or Houses Available-  Cooking meals is important when down here as we are far from civilization.  We can hire a cook for those who rent a house and want some VIP treatment

2 person minimum- 4 person maximum/  No Overcrowding in Paradise allowed

Surf Guide with local knowledge of the waves, waterfalls and area

Please contact us for pricing and detailed information.  We like to taylor each and every Surf Trip to your likings.  Customized Surf Tours is our specialty

Please always treat the locals with respect.  They know the wave better than anyone, so don’t show up in competition mode challenging everyone for all the waves. Please have good Surf etiquette.  We have a good relationship with the locals there and need to keep it that way.   Respect the Locals

Dominical Surf Report