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Things To Know About Unmissable Waterfall Tours In Costa Rica

Posted on 18th Oct 2018

Costa Rica is known as the wonder land on earth! Nature has given a lot of things to this small country. Waterfalls are known as the most photographed natural formations and someone can find a number of waterfalls in this country. Waterfall is known as the wonderful creation of nature and it attracts thousands of nature lover and adventurers in daily basis. There is just something amazing about rushing water dramatically falling from the rainforest canopy into a pool at the base of a cliff. After a hike through the rainforest in the tropical heat, a cool dip beneath these powerful forces of nature is truly enjoyable. We at El Tubo Surf, provide Costa Rica waterfall tours which will fill you with excitement and your tour will be memorable forever. Some of them are given below.

Nauyaca Waterfalls

Nauyaca waterfalls are known as one of the most popular waterfalls in the country. Due its uniqueness, it attracts thousands of adventurers in daily basis. It is located in the South pacific region of Costa Ballena which is jus twenty minutes away from Dominical. Its split into the upper and lower cascades, water pours over the cliff side and then it falls over hundred forty feet. Its stunning beauty is always considered as the major point of attraction. The location is the most amazing thing about this waterfall. It is remotely tucked inside the dense rainforest and you may take little stress to reach at it but the stunning views are worth of it.

We provide guides and they will explain all about these waterfalls. Plus, they will show you the proper and shorter path to this treasure of nature’s beauty. There are mainly two options available to reach at this place. You can choose either horseback riding or hiking. Both horseback riders and hikers use the perfectly maintained trail. While you are passing through this dense forest, you’ll keep an eye out for the splendid wildlife in this jungle. Different type of money and several species of birds you can see when you are on the way to this waterfall. The trail is barely two and half miles so, you don’t face any problem if children are with you. The waterfall is divided into two parts one is upper and second one is lower falls. Most of the tourists praise upper falls due to its sanity and impressive feature.

La Catarata Waterfall

La Catarata is known as another popular waterfall in Costa Rica. It is located in Uvita and it has a rope swing along with two small pools to jump into. These pools are quite different from the pools we usually see at the hotels or homes. These are natural pools and you can easily jump to them. Our guide will make you clear about what to do and what not. As far as refreshing is concern, you’ll get unmatchable experience while jumping down these pools. Therefore, we always recommend to our tourists not to miss this iconic waterfall.

Diamante Falls

Diamante Waterfall is located in the village of Las Tumbas. You can easily reach at this location within thirty five minutes from Dominical. Like other waterfalls, it is also a private property that belongs to one family. The scene of the waterfall is mesmerizing. You will be encountered with dense forest, different type of wildlife and rolling mountains capped by clouds. You arrange guided tour and you won’t face any type of glitch during your trip to this iconic waterfall. Apart from waterfall, you have chance plenty of chance to visit the caves near to it. These caves are being used by tourists in order to get best view of waterfall while sipping the favorite drink.

These waterfalls are the reasons for which you shouldn’t miss a waterfall tour in Costa Rica.

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