The Significance of Booking Surf Camp Packages in Costa Rica

Posted on 22nd Jan 2019

Have you seen the classic surf film – Endless Summer II? It probably comes as no more surprise that Costa Rica is well-known for its surf destinations.

Moreover, it’s not necessarily because the country stands out as the home to the most significant events. It’s due to the fact that Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and challenging places to surf. Playa Dominical surf is a long stretch of beach break with a beautiful river mouth break well.

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But what if you’ve never surfed before and want to learn? You might want to book surf camp packages in Costa Rica. Here are a few reasons why do you consider taking Costa Rica surf camp packages:

Costa Rica is famed for its surf schools.

Costa Rica is home to dozens of surf schools and all-inclusive surf resorts. Perhaps the most intimidating aspect of learning to surf is fighting off the crowds and finding the right space to practice in peace.

Surf School

After all, the breaks available all across the globe continue to appeal surfers – both beginners and professionals alike, it’s become much more difficult to find a right spot where you can test out the waters.

The camps and resorts in Costa Rica continue to change the surf game completely. Most camps feature virtually crowd-free beaches and waters as their guides can take you to uncrowded beaches.  

The country is friendly.

What makes Costa Rica unique is its commitment to helping beginners learn the art of the wave. It’s unlikely you’ll find the energetic crowds that plague the Hawaiian Islands. Even the Costa Rican natives are welcoming and provide insight into where to find the best surf, suggestions for catching more waves and at which tides to enjoy surfing.

The country’s main motto – Pura Vida is a philosophy and lifestyle that you can feel; when you’re out on the water – it’s no wonder everyone is so stocked there.

The warm water makes you visit there again and again.

Most first-timers shudder at the concept of wearing a wetsuit for surfing. What about surf camp packages in Costa Rica? The country maintains an average annual temperature of 83.5 degrees (Fahrenheit). You know it seems like bath water. It feels warmer than your indoor lap pool. Not quite as spicy as a hot tub, but its close. You don’t need to pack a wet suit ever to visit there.

The final thought –

With perfect breaks, beaches, and surf schools, you should book surf camp packages in Costa Rica through El Tubo Surf, if you’re curious about learning to surf. Moreover, the best part is that every school and instructor assures that you’ll get up even on the very first day.

For immediate help and more details about our available surf packages, please contact us as soon as possible and we’ll get back to you at the earliest! Feel free to stay in touch with El Tubo Surf on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn social media networks.

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