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Important Tips To Keep In Mind Before Surfing

Posted on 14th Sep 2018

Surfing is a fantastic activity. It needs high amount of courage, skill and decision making capacity to rule over the perfect waves. Most of the people today, love to take this activity as challenge and they do join various surfing schools in order to increase their skill. There are a lot of important things to know before going to water. Some of them are given below.


Choose the perfect surfboard and wetsuit

Surfboard is the most important gear which will make your surfing safe and enjoyable. Therefore, you should choose accurate board which will assist you to ride the waves. According to experts, you need to start on a surf board that has some width and thickness. If you want long board, it totally depends on your body length. The bigger the person the bigger board needs to conquer the waves. We at El Tubo Surf, let you know the suitable size of the surfboard you should purchase.

Choose the proper surfing location

As beginner, you should choose beginner friendly surf spot. You need mellow sandy bottom spot with slow peeling mushy waves and a small crowd. Dominical and Uvita are two spots in Costa Rica where you can easily learn surfing without much hassle. When you choose Uvita to surf, our trainers will let you know how to manage your body language on the center of gravity of your surfboard while riding huge waves.

Learn the act to catch the wave

This is the most important part of surfing. The first few waves you catch will be white color. You’ll want to catch your first few waves by laying down. You should point your board towards the beach and wait for white water waves to come. When they come, lay down on board and try to sail your board. After sailing you can peddle to catch the wave. You may face troubles while making these things on the same time.

Surfing Board.

Flexibility is the important thing for every surfer. If you are put into a situation that requires you to twist, turn or tuck to avoid being slammed by an exploding wave and you lack the ability to bend your body in the direction the wave is forcing you to go. One thing is to be clear that, before get into the water, you should have proper exercise in order to improve static and dynamic flexibility. Most of the people overlook this element but this is the easiest thing to improve the body, energy and surfing performance.

surfing performance

All surfing requires core strength yet most of the people only relate it to improve power for surfing. When it comes to balance, the core surfing exercises are a huge factor.  Hence, pre-preparation under the supervision of experts will be best. When you attend Dominical surf camp, our experts will let you know about all these things.

How to stand up on surf board?

The act of standing on surf board while you are on high wave is quite complicated. Therefore, experts advice that before step down into water, practice doing pop ups. Lay down on the floor with your hands near your chest but that shouldn’t be too wide. You want to be able to push off your board to get up to your feet and landing sideways in a surfers stance. Jump back down to the prone position and repeat the same act. Practicing pop ups will keep you comfortable whole chasing the perfect waves. Needles to mention, all these things need special training under expert super vision. We are providing such kind of training. This is reason, El Tubo Surf  always top on priority for the people who want to prove themselves in this complicated but exciting water activity.

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