Fanning Incredible Win over John John at JBay

Posted on 17th Nov 2017

Congratulations to Mick Fanning coming back to the spot where he was knocked off his board by a shark during last years competition and getting an impressive win over John John Florence at JBay, South Africa.  It was Fanning’s 4th consecutive title at JBay showing his mastery carving and speed.  John John stuck to his air game but it was not enough to overcome Fanning’s determination and skills.  “It was definitely emotional, even just paddling out,” Fanning said,  “But how could we not have come back to J-Bay?”

John John moved up to number 2 in the world rankings with the field narrowing the once large lead by Matt Wilkinson the current number 1 surfer in the world.  The top five is starting to look like what we expected with Gabriel Medina #3, Adriano de Souza #4 and Fanning moving all the way up to #5 in the current world rankings.  John John is showing the determination needed on being focused to winning his first World Title.  Medina and Souza the forever dangerous Brazilian duo will be always be looking to repeat as a champion.  We are just over the half way point of the season and the world title chase is getting interesting.

Next up is the Billabong Pro Tahiti, at Teahupo?o, French Polynesia, Aug 19 – 30.  Probably the most impressive wave on the tour.  Teahupo’o will seperate the boys from the men.  This event will not be won by big airs or  carves.  This is big nasty drops and massive barrels. Wilko will have to prove he can surf the big barrels and need a strong finish to keep his title lead.  John John will look to take advantage of his barrel skills to overtake the number 1 ranking in the world.

Can’t wait for the Billabong Pro Tahiti

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